It service

Using virtualisation you can start to move your company forward quicker with less risk. There are many advantages of virtualisation, less machines, less maintenance, lower power use, portability and less cost in the long term. Digitech can offer moving your existing physical servers into virtualisation images and help manage this technology.


Automatic offsite backups can be arranged with notification in place so that you know all your data is safely backed up. Creating disaster recovery systems is important for your core systems. If you have servers which have to run 24x7 and you rely on these services to run your company then you need a disaster recovery system to ensure no downtime.


Using thin clients allows you to centralise updates to software and increases speed and productivity. Thin client machines have no moving parts, last much longer than desktops, are very small and quiet. By using thin client technology you will have the ability to quickly keep your workstations at the same level.


Our staff have many years experience with linux. We use open source software throughout our office on 100% of our machines. We have experience setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting linux based systems. Whether you use linux in virtualisation, servers, desktops or notebooks we can help.


Building redundancy into your servers is very important. There are many points of failure in a system so it’s important to setup a failover for all points of weakness in your system. This equates to redundancy for hard drives, network interfaces/switches, power supplies, firewalls, UPS and whole servers which can take over when something fails.


Companies at any size will benefit from good system documentation. We can set up a central area for staff to easily edit and keep up to date and offer an initial systems documentation. This frees you from explaining common tasks and allows key staff to share skills with others building redundancy within your employees.